Virtuemart Sales (Discount Products) - Joomla! Component v4.1.4 released

Virtuemart Sales (Discount Products) - Joomla! Component

Date of Release: Friday, 30 May 2014

Version: 4.1.4


30-May-2014 : v4.1.4
# Bug fixed: when you go to categories and select a category you see all products not just the ones with discount (thanks, Balazs Hende)
+ New option in config! Is not longer necessary to mark a product as featured in virtuemart back-end. There is an option to display only featured products or all products.

23-Nov-2013 : v4.1.3
+ New Parameter has been added: Custom Currency
+ New Parameter has been added: Currency Position

22-Oct-2013 : v4.1.2
# Bug fixed with selected variables after submit form
# Other bug fixes

11-Oct-2013 : v4.1.1
+ £ symbol added for british pounds

24-Jul-2013 : v4.1.0
+ New Parameter has been added: You can display the product types you want:
::: ALL virtuemart products WITH discount
::: ALL virtuemart products WITHOUT discount
::: ALL virtuemart products
+ New Parameter has been added: Show or not the Search type field from the search options
# Bug fixed: Display the products with no Manufacturers

18-Jul-2013 : v4.0.0
^ Compatible with the latest version of Virtuemart (v2.0.22a)
+ Manufacturers parameter added and now you can select products from one or more manufacturers
+ Parameter added: You can sort the categories by name alphabetically (asc, desc) or by id (asc, desc)
+ Parameter added: EXCLUDE/INCLUDE (categories, manufacturers)
^ Cleaned up code syntax
# General bug fixes

03-Jul-2013 : v3.0.2
# Bug fixed: wrong percentage discount

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