Monthly Archive - Joomla! Component v3.1.6 released

Monthly Archive - Joomla Component

Date of Release: 31 January 2014

Version: 3.1.6


31-January-2014 : v3.1.6
# Bug Fixed: Pagination not displayed if the limit is smaller than the count of articles (Thank Meireles for the report:

21-January-2014 : v3.1.5
# Bug Fixed: Itemid issues with assigned menu item ids
# Bug Fixed: Pagination for Rockettheme templates
^ Greek and German language files have been edited

30-October-2013 : v3.1.4
# Bug Fixed: Error 404 after click on the module links
! advanced.php has been removed from module templates

22-October-2013 : v3.1.3
+ router.php
^ more friendly urls
# Notice and Warning messages now have been cleared if you select Error reporting: Development or Maximum
# General Bug fixes

02-September-2013 : v3.1.2
# Missing Closing Div in Accordion version
# bug fixed: pagination is now working correctly
# General Bug fixes

19-July-2013 : v3.1.1
+ Parameters added in component & module (INCLUDE/EXCLUDE: k2 categories) 
^ Cleaned up code syntax in monthlyarchive.class.php and xml files

18-July-2013 : v3.1.0
+ Parameters added in module (INCLUDE/EXCLUDE: articles, authors, categories) 
^ Many changes in monthlyarchive.class.php
^ Cleaned up code syntax in module's files
# General Bug fixes

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