How to create my own language files for "Virtuemart Sales (Discounted Products)" component?

Follow the below easy steps to create your own language file for the "Virtuemart Sales (Discounted Products)" - Joomla! component.

1) Download the below .ini file in your pc/mac:

2) Rename the names of files from "en-GB" with your languge prefix "XX-XX"

For example, for German language must be:
- ........../de-DE.com_vmsales.ini

Another example, for Spanish language must be:
- ........../es-ES.com_vmsales.ini

3) Edit these 2 files and translate all the strings that is after the equal symbol (=).

for example, find:

and replace it with (german language):

4) Finally, save and upload the files in each path (XX-XX = your language prefix):
- YOUR_JOOMLA_ROOT/language/XX-XX/XX-XX.com_vmsales.ini

5) Enjoy the "Virtuemart Sales (Discounted Products)" in your language! :)

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